Top 5 Tips For Live In Relationship Couple

You were an independent, fun-loving girl. Yes, you had relationships but nothing too serious. Suddenly you find a man of your dreams and fall in love with him. But marriage seems to be a distant affair. You both go in live in relationship just to know your compatibility with each other. You want this relationship to work but do not know how to act, how to behave, what to do and not do, so that things always remain pleasant between two of you. If you find yourself in similar situation, then please continue to read this. Here I am sharing 5 top tips  for women who are in live in relationship with their partners.

live in relationship

 We girls are like, when we find our Prince Charming, he becomes the reason of our existence. Our whole world starts rotating around him. Please try not to commit this mistake. You have to be independent on your own and even though he has a very important role in your life and you both are in live in relationship, you should have a life without him too. Keep doing things you like. Have a circle of your own. Never leave your friends and closed ones behind for this perfect man.

Yes, you are having a heated argument and you feel like calling him names. You feel like telling him what you really think about his friends and his so called drinking parties. But please, you need to stay calm. When angry, sometimes we say things that we don’t even mean in first place and these words have a devastating impact on our relationship. Stay calm and discuss about that issue afterwards (or not, if not needed). Ugly fights lead us to nowhere.

In a  live in relationship, both partners need to adjust and compromise because you are new to sharing space with each other. If you need to adjust a little and change yourself a bit for the sake of this relation, then please do it. For example, if you have some habits that are not healthy for your relation, then you need to avoid those. However, please make sure that only you are not adjusting and making compromises all the time and letting him take control all over you.

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If things are meant to work for you, then it will work for you. There is no need of getting on his nerves. Do not talk about future all the time when you two are in live in relationship. Try to enjoy present time more with each other.

No man is complete. If he is a nice guy, then sure he can have some negative points too. Stop concentrating on his shortcomings and flaws all the time. Try to forget arguments and remember all the beautiful moments that you both spent together while being in this beautiful live in relationship.

NOTE – If you are trying to follow above written points, then surely you want this relationship to work. But please make sure that he is not an abusive kind of guy or he does not have any serious issues. Remember, every relationship work from both sides. Then only you can have a beautiful and committed relationship with loads of trust and love.

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