Fake And Copy Products Available In Sarojini Nagar Market

There are so many stories of people receiving fake products online but my story is different. Not only I have received fake products online, twice it has happened with me that I got products from sarojini nagar market from and turned out they were fake.

sarojini nagar market

I buy things online as well as offline from long time and it has been only 5 times that I got fake products. Twice I purchased makeup products from Sarojini Nagar market and both times I felt they were duplicate products.  It hurts because who wants to pay money and then get copy products which you cannot use further.

Moreover, the hassle of buying same product again from different place or returning the bought product is too tiresome. It also takes away my trust from market places that I regularly shop from. And use of these products can cause harm to our skin.

Well how did I came to know that products I bought were fake and not original? Because I have been using these products from long time and knew their texture and how they perform.

I have bought these same things many times. Otherwise in packaging when I compared products purchased from Sarojini Nagar Market with the original ones, they were exactly same like the original products.

I have bought Maybelline kajal, mascara and lipbalm from Sarojini Nagar market that looked exactly like original ones. But turned out they were not so original.

Not only from Sarojini Nagar market, I faced this problem while buying from online shopping sites too. I once purchased big tube of my favorite facewash that I love using from two different online platforms at two different times and twice it happened that fake products were sent to me. And that too from two topmost online selling platforms. Like really?

sarojini nagar market

As I have mentioned before, not only when I bought things online, but also I got products from local marts that turned out to be fake. I have bought soaps, shampoos, kajal, compacts, mascaras from offline stores which were not original.

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And then I have to buy them again from other shops which caused me inconvenience and my money too.

I am quite puzzled that how fake products have entered so deeply in our Indian market. They are not only available in local markets like lajpat nagar, sarojini nagar market but also available in big market shops too. And they look exactly like original ones that you cannot differentiate on looking. You will only come to know the reality once you use them.

I have encountered fake products in soap, shampoo, facewash, sunscreen and other skin care and makeup products category.  But there are fake products available in almost every category especially in category of cosmetics.

There are fake copies of kajals, eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipbalms etc available in market. I think it is very poor that we have to face this because we consumers have hard earned money and we definitely do not want to waste our money like this. So my dear readers, beware while shopping be it online and offline especially from local markets like Sarojini Nagar Market etc.

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