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Hello all! Today I am going to review about latest purchases that I made from iTokri website. For those who don’t know, iTokri is online website that sells variety of products for men and women, be it, sarees, kurtis, dress materials, shirts, kitchen and home decor, personal care, jewellery and handbags etc. Their speciality is that they have different variety of Indian handicraft and handloom products that are handmade and designed by artisans from all over India. They have different kind of fabrics and prints from almost all kind of states, be it Kalamkari fabrics from Andhra Pradesh, Sanganeri fabrics from Rajasthan, woolen kurtas from Uttarakhand, Chikankari Kurtas from Lucknow and more.


Through their online shopping platform, iTokri has brought Indian craftsmanship and artisanal products on single platform and have made it available to everyone. I ordered two beautiful kurtas from iTokri from which one is turquoise blue plain cotton long kurta with tagai work and other is light green chikankari silk cotton kurta with zari work. I also purchased Neev Natural handmade Lemongrass soap and Moringa Vetiver soap that are made from pure essential oils and herbal ingredients. Read on to know more about iTokri shopping website and how was my experience with products that I have purchased from them.


A handwritten note on a piece of recycled paper and a handmade trinket is what one receives with every order, neatly wrapped in eco-friendly packaging from Gwalior based iTokri, making it one of the most loved e-commerce portals to a discerning domestic and global audience who are enthusiastic about Indian handicraft and handloom products. The online store for handicraft, handlooms, fabrics, jewelry, paintings, and other artworks is India’s only crafts and loom retailer with a hundred percent inventory of handmade artisanal products ranging from Punjab’s phulkari dupattas and Gujarat’s bandhani sarees to Andhra’s ikkat handloom fabrics, and Odisha’s pattachitra paintings. It sources products, including jewelry, dress materials, and household items from nearly 10,000 artisans across India, making it the largest curated portal for art and handicraft products with over 100,000 listings. The portal adds 500 plus new products on a daily basis too.


There are different kind of products available on iTokri from different categories, be it, fabrics, clothing, home and kitchen, personal care, jewellery, accessories and bags and more. Among from vast range of products, I ordered the following

Turquoise Blue Plain Cotton Tagai Work Long Kurta – Rs 1250

Light Green Chikankari Hand Embroidered Silk Cotton Kurta with Zari Work – Rs 1100

Neev Natural Handmade Moringa Vetiver Soap (75g) – Rs 100

Neev Natural Handmade Lemongrass soap (25 g) – Rs 45


On iTokri website


Recently, I came across iTokri website while browsing and was really impressed with different kind of fabrics, clothes and organic products available there. There was vast variety in fabrics and kurtas from cotton. silk, chanderi to woolen, bandhani, phulkari and all the fabrics and other products were very authentic and close to Indian culture. I ordered 2 kurtis, one in cotton and other in cotton silk and also ordered two handmade organic soaps. I received my products in newspaper packaging with recyclable cardboard box inside. I liked their packaging which is different from ordinary packaging and bring newspapers to good use.

Light Green Chikankari Hand Embroidered Silk Cotton Kurta with Zari Work

What I loved most was the handwritten note on handmade paper with sweet message. This hand written note make shopping experience much more personalized and unique. Now coming to products I received, I ordered one lucknowi Chikankari hand embroidered silk cotton kurta in light green color for myself. I totally loved the light color perfect for summers along with embroidery and zari work on it. Despite being silk, fabric is so comfortable to wear and can be worn in any season. When I tried this kurti which I ordered in size small, it fitted me so well that it looked custom made. This pastel shade kurti when paired with leggings and heavy dupatta is perfect to be worn on any festive occasion.

Turquoise Blue Plain Cotton Tagai Work Long Kurta

Along with Chikankari kurti, I also ordered one plain cotton kurti for my mother. This kurta has vibrant turquoise blue color and looks beautiful with tagai work done on it. Its fabric is also very comfortable and can be worn easily in summers too. This blue cotton kurta also has side pocket which is good additional feature making it very useful to keep something handy inside pocket. Overall, this is a plain, comfortable and beautiful kurti which you can wear on casual occasions or use it as daily wear too. When paired with white leggings and plain dupatta, this kurti will give a sophisticated look.

Neev Natural Handmade Soap

Along with these two kurtis, I also ordered Neev natural handmade soaps in Lemongrass and Moringa variant. I totally loved these Neev organic soaps which comes in luxurious packaging with handmade soaps inside. These rectangular shaped soaps are simple in look, plainly white in color but are very good in quality. I have used both lemongrass and moringa soap and loved their refreshing fragrance. These soaps are made of pure essential oils and really smell so good. I also loved the fact that they cleansed my skin well, are neither drying not very moisturizing and feel very soft on skin. These soaps are chemical free, safe to be used on skin and will surely make skin bright and healthy on prolonged and regular use. But please make sure to store these soaps with care as they will melt very fast when come in contact with water


I genuinely liked the Kurtis that I purchased and fall in love with Neev Organic handmade soaps. Both silk and cotton kurti look beautiful and are comfortable to wear too. Along with clothes and fabrics, iTokri also has vast collection of personal care items, jewellery, accessories to choose from. I will surely recommend to purchase and shop from this eco friendly brand iTokri that sell good quality artisanal products and clothes for both men and women. I will surely be repurchasing from iTokri brand again in future too.

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