Rakhi Sawant Husband Adil Durrani Latest Revelation

Rakhi Sawant has been in news from quite some time because of her relationship with Adil Durrani. Before Adil Durani was seen as boyfriend with famous Bollywood star Rakhi Sawant. But recently Rakhi Sawant disclosed about her marriage with husband Adil Durrani that took place 8 months ago. From time Rakhi Sawant has disclosed about her secret court marriage, their relationship have been in turmoil. Rakhi Sawant husband Adil was not in favor of disclosing their marriage and was pressuring Rakhi Sawant to keep it a secret. Rakhi Sawant also also disclosed about harassment and beatings by Adil due to provocation of his girlfriend Tanu Chandel.

rakhi sawant husband Adil Durrani
Image Credit – India Today

Shocking Claims Of Rakhi Sawant About Husband Adil Durrani

In a recent interview, Rakhi Sawant told Media how she is receiving inappropriate videos of Adil by his fans only. She also claimed she never knew such side of Adil existed before. She also spoke about relationship of Adil Durrani with 70 years old Mrs. Shetty about which she came to know about now only. Rakhi Sawant came to know about continuing relationship of Adil with Tanu Chandel after she came out of Big Boss recently. When Adil went to stay with Tanu Chandel and Rakhi Sawant came to know about his plan of marrying with Tanu, she filed a court case against Adil Durrani which is currently ongoing. Tanu Chandel is an Indian model but came in limelight recently because of controversy with Rakhi Sawant only.

Rakhi Sawant also disclosed in interview that Adil Durrani took Rakhi Sawant nudes and sold it to people for money. Rakhi Sawant claims that Adil Khan has already married two times and now planning to marry for third time with Tanu Chandel. Rakhi Sawant is against Adil Durrani bail because she fears that he will run away with her money if given bail. There is video going viral on social media where Adil Durrani is accepting that he has taken 1.5 crores from Rakhi Sawant but promises her to return in 4 months with profit. Rakhi Sawant has also alleged that  Adil took her money and jewellery worth Rs 4 lakh, and also tried to hit her before Adil Durrani arrest.

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