Mysore Sandal Soap Review, Price, Benefits

Hello all! Today I am going to review Mysore Sandal soap that I recently purchased from local mall. I always like to try new bath bars and shower gels because I get bored of using one almost everyday. Though I have some fixed bathing soaps that are always present in my bathroom vanity, like Dove soap that helps me a lot when I have dry skin. Yet, I like to switch between different kind of shower gels and my fixed bathing bars so that there is versatility. Coming to Mysore Sandal soap, it is known to contain pure sandalwood oil that is really beneficial for skin. Read on to know more about Mysore Sandal soap and how was my experience using it.

mysore sandal soap


Mysore Sandal Soap made from vegetable oils, contains pure natural Mysore sandalwood oil, along with skin care conditioners &moisturizers.. Sandalwood oil- a nature’s gift, emanates lingering fragrance, keeps your skin glowing, soft, blemish-free, forever young &beautiful.


mysore sandal soap


Wet your skin with warm water and lather the soap between your palms. Gently massage the lather onto your skin, and rinse with water.


Rs 42 for 75 g


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Mysore Sandal soap comes in red and beige colored cardboard box with initials on front side and details related to soap on other side. Packaging box look more like handmade with nothing extra fancy. Inside box is oval shaped Mysore Sandal soap in beige color, given it is made of pure sandalwood oil. Mysore Sandal soap has strong sandalwood fragrance which is quite pleasant and will linger on long after taking bath. When this soap comes in contact with water, it produces a lot of lather and cleanse skin quite well.

mysore sandal soap

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Coming to my experience with this soap, I used this Mysore soap for cleansing my body and I started using it in summers. After using Mysore soap, I can say that my experience with Mysore soap was quite pleasant. It cleanse my skin well, reduced tan with regular use and did not make my skin dry. It also left a soft natural sandalwood fragrance which stays on long after taking bath. What surprised me most was how it easily helped to remove my tan which usually other soaps cannot do. I liked using this Mysore soap in summers and it sure did not make my skin oily which is a problem I faced when I have used hydrating soaps in summers. Nor it made my skin dry which means I can use this sandalwood soap in winters too.

mysore sandal soap

I have always liked using natural soaps that deliver results rather than using soaps in fancy packaging that will harm skin. Mysore Sandal soap also look very plain with its beige color and simple packaging but it delivers great results. Regular use of Mysore Sandal soap will certainly give healthy and glowing blemish free skin. Since it does not make skin dry or oily, Mysore soap is suitable for almost all kind of skin. If you want a soap that will remove your dead skin in natural way without harming your skin, then Mysore Sandal soap is certainly for you.

Also what I liked about Mysore soap is that it is not very expensive unlike other soaps. Usually soaps which will remove tan and reduce uneven skin tone will cost much more than this Mysore Sandal soap. This soap will certainly last for month even if you will use it regularly. However, make sure to keep it away from water except bathing else it will melt away. I was always aware with benefits of sandalwood oil but I did not know that this sandalwood soap will also work for my skin in such a great way. It is cost effective natural sandalwood soap that helps in achieving soft and smooth skin and is suitable for all types of skin. Also this soap is very easily available and you can purchase it online as well as from offline stores too.


Yes I will surely recommend to purchase Mysore Sandal soap with pure sandalwood oil as it is excellent soap for skin complexion that reduces tan with regular use. This sandalwood soap help to keep skin healthy, soft and smooth. It also does not make skin dry or oily making it suitable for all skin types. I will surely be repurchasing Mysore Sandal soap in future too.


Is Mysore Sandal Soap good for skin?

Mysore soap is good for skin as it is original soap made of sandalwood oil and free of harmful chemicals.

Does Mysore Sandal Soap has any side effects?

Mysore soap can cause dryness especially if you have extremely dry or sensitive skin. However, there are no major side effects.

Why is Mysore Sandal Soap so famous?

Mysore Sandal soap is so famous due to its pure herbal qualities and also this soap was originally created by Maharaja of Mysore.

does Mysore Sandal Soap remove tan?

Yes, Mysore soap is very effective in removing tan and regular use of it will certainly make skin healthy and glowing.

Is Mysore Sandal Soap chemical free?

Yes, Mysore soap is chemical free and made of herbal ingredients that are beneficial for skin.

Is Mysore Sandal Soap good for skin?

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