One Indian Girl Novel Book Review

Hello all! Today I will be writing about last released novel One Indian Girl written by Chetan Bhagat. Though Chetan Bhagat is a very popular Indian author and all of his released books are considered as best sellers, yet I have seen many people cribbing about his writing style and thoughts. Whenever I start to read anything about him, I see many negative reviews about him and his books and same has happened with this novel too.

I read the reviews on Amazon, goodreads etc and there were so many negative points mentioned about One Indian Girl book that I was skeptical about buying it. But when I read the book sample provided on Amazon , I hurriedly purchased the digital version of One Indian Girl novel and finally slept at 4:00 in the morning after I finished my whole book.

one indian girl

Story in One Indian Girl is about Radhika Mehta. She is a succesful banker who has completed her MBA from IIMA and is  now a part of distressed debt group in Goldman Sachs, New York. Yes, she makes money. In fact too much money that her mother is worried she will scare away the prospective grooms. She is not as beautiful as her elder sister. She has wheatish complexion, does not know how to dress up  and is surrounded by a feeling of inferiority when her coworker bring his beautiful girlfriend into a success party and somewhere she feels that why can’t she swap places with her?

One Indian Girl Novel Book Review

Heroine of our One Indian Girl story is highly successful and independent. Yet, she is always in search of love and somewhere she want this approval from her mother that she is as good as her sister.

She come across Debu in New York who feels that women are as intelligent creatures as men. Women should not be considered inferior. But he refuses to marry Radhika because he himself want to marry a simple housewife who does not work and will look after his children.

She meet Neel in Hong Kong who is handsome but married. He is attracted to her junior, says he love her but cannot give proper commitment to her. He feels Radhika is meant for bigger things in life and she is not meant for mundane things like getting married and becoming a mother.

Story talks about feminism. It has so many instances to which I can relate to. Characters of this novel feel real. Her mother who does not give a damn about her daughter qualifications and successful career and is only worried about getting a proper groom and get relieved of her duties. Her father who although support her, cannot stand for her daughter when she need him. Her sister who is married and feels Radhika is naive and does not know a thing about men. Debu who claims to love her but is jealous of the fact that she earns more than him and cannot keep up with this strong woman. Neel who want to date this young girl and want to keep his marriage and this relation working side by side. Brijesh, who is rejected by Radhika and yet stand up for her when Radhika mother talk ill about her. And Radhika who has so many things going inside her and want to keep up with whatever her life is offering.

One Indian girl is a lovely novel. It is beautifully written by Chetan Bhagat. He is a great author who talk about big issues with such ease and can put all these issues together and bring a great story for us.


I enjoyed reading One Indian girl. A beautiful story from our very own Indian author. I enjoyed the story and hope you all will love it too.

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