Mafia Queens Of Mumbai By Hussain Zaidi Review

Mafia Queens Of Mumbai is an Indian 2011 non fiction crime novel written by journalist and writer S.Hussain Zaidi along with original research by reporter Jane Borges. It tells 13 true stories of women who were involved in criminal activities in Mumbai. Every story is a unique and exciting tale in its own way. This book in no way glorify these women criminals who are related to underworld.

This book makes an attempt for readers to understand the complex minds and psyche of these notorious women and what pushed them on this path. There is no doubt that for these women, crime was not only a way of eliminating their poverty and limitations but also a life saving concept. These women were gutsier, far more scheming and lethal when it came to pursuing their goals.

mafia queens of mumbai

Mafia Queens of Mumbai book starts with the story of Jenabai Daaruwali who was a freedom fighter but later entered into the world of smuggling. She was the woman to whom Haji Mastan turned for advice, who saved Dawood from beatings of his policeman father after his involvement in thug gang fight.

It is interesting to read that how Dawood, Haji Mastan and the Pathan gangsters might never have joined forces for an occasion had it not been for Jenabai’s intervention.

Next story in Mafia Queens of Mumbai belongs to Gangubai, the matriarch of Kamathipura who was forced into prostitution at an early age, but how she turned tables and ruled over that area, also gaining lots of wealth in the process.

She is also known for the welfare activities she did for women who lived there. She retained the soft spot for women in this trade and tried to work for rights of these women. Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is based on excerpt from this novel only.

mafia queens of mumbai

Then there comes the story of Sapna didi alias Ashraf Khan, who entered in underworld to get revenge from Dawood for killing of her husband Mehmood. In this process, she becomes an ally to another gangster Hussain Ustara who was against Dawood during those times.

Hussain trained¬† her to shoot and fight so she can survive in this chosen world. She even became an informer to police to keep a tab on Dawood business. It is said that web series ‘Ek Thi Begum’ an MX Original Series, is based on life of Sapna didi aka Ashraf.

And then there is Neeta Naik story in Mafia Queens of Mumbai, who persuaded her husband to join the underworld, but the very same husband hired gun men to shoot his allegedly unfaithful wife.

There is also story of Monica Bedi, who unknowingly fall in love with gangster, then paid a heavy price for it. Bar dancer Tarannum Khan is also mentioned who made headlines for betting on cricket. There are also stories of wives of Hindu Don, where one even tried to protect her husband from any harm by entering into politics.

Mafia Queens of Mumbai is a delightful read, sometimes hilarious, sometimes full of sorrow, sometimes horrifying but always dramatic. The writing is so visual that it makes you feel like you are watching a movie, full of suspense and thriller.

What makes Mafia Queens Of Mumbai more interesting that this is not a piece of fiction, but actually based on real stories of these women. It is an interesting read which I thoroughly enjoyed, and recommend to all my readers who are looking for a novel which is gripping, intriguing and full of drama.

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