Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap Review

Dove soap is one soap which Dermatologists have been recommending for years. It has good reputation in market from my childhood days I guess. Dove itself claims that with 1/4 moisturizing cream, Dove is different from other soaps. This beauty bar claims to give softer, smoother and more glowing skin. Dove commercials also claim that Dove is one of the mildest and pH balanced beauty bar as compared to other soaps. Is Dove as good as it sounds? I have been using Dove cream beauty bathing bar for years and I am still using it. Read on to know what has been my experience with this moisturising beauty bar.

dove soap



1. Softer, smoother, more glowing skin.

2. With 1/4 moisturising cream, Dove is different.

3. Washes away germs.

4. Gentle on skin, gives 100 % care.

5. #1 Dermatologist recommended.

6. It is pH balanced.



First, wet your hands and then rub the Dove cream beauty bathing bar gently between them until the bar lathers up. Massage the lather over your body before rinsing with water.


Rs 55 for 100 g


On Amazon and Nykaa


Dove cream beauty bathing bar soap comes in simple white colored cardboard box packaging. Dove soap is also white in color, with that all time favorite typical Dove fragrance. It is cream based soap which produces lots of lather while bathing. It is very soft and mild in texture.

Dove soap is also available in other variants like Dove pink/rosa beauty bathing bar soap, Dove go fresh cool moisture beauty bar soap etc. I am totally in love with that nostalgic fragrance of Dove cream beauty bathing bar. It reminds me of my childhood days, when my mother used this Dove soap to wash her face. Good old days they were!

dove soap

Since I am using this beauty bar from long time, I can surely claim that Dove soap is one good soap to use especially for those who have dry or sensitive skin. It is never going to irritate your skin. I think people with all skin types can use Dove soap in any season. It cleans your skin completely while moisturizing it nicely. Dove soap is that affordable skincare product with which you can never go wrong.

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I have always liked this soap for myself especially in winters when my skin get little dry. It cleans really well while providing that proper boost of moisture. I switch it with other fragrant body washes from time to time but I always have it in my cupboard. Whenever my skin feels irritated or dry, I always switch back to this beloved cream beauty bathing bar.

I use it for my whole body rather than face. It is a good option for face too but I am more inclined towards face washes rather than using soap for washing my face. I have used it in pink/rosa and cool moisture variant too and they are also good and similar to original Dove cream beauty bathing bar.


Absolutely yes. I think Dove soap is no nonsense beauty bar that will never irritate your skin. It effectively cleans your body while nicely hydrating it and is really inexpensive too. For me, this is one soap on which I can rely in every season. Continuous use of this soap also result in more soft and glowing skin. It is never going to harm your skin. I will surely recommend it to anyone who is looking out for good cream based soap from a trusted brand in an affordable range

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