Mamaearth Ubtan Body Wash Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Mamaearth Ubtan Body Wash. We all know the benefits of ubtan for our skin. Ubtan helps in exofiliation and deep cleansing of our skin. Ubtan can be prepared from simple kitchen ingredients like gram flour, turmeric and sandalwood powder. Regular usage of ubtan even helps in removing tan and reducing ingrown hair. Homemade Ubtan is best but there are times when we are looking for quick and effective solution instead of time consuming natural remedies.

mamaearth body wash

Mamaearth has launched Mamaearth ubtan bodywash with turmeric and saffron that claims to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin with simple natural ingredients. It claims to give you glowing skin with regular usage. Did I like this ubtan body wash? And will I be repurchasing in future? Read on to know how was my experience with Mamaearth ubtan body wash.


1. Deeply cleanses skin

2. Made of natural ingredients

3. Gently exfoliates

4. Paraben and SLS free

5. Dermatologically tested

6. Suits all skin types


1. Pour a coin sized amount of bodywash on your hand/loofah.

2. Gently rub it on your wet body, working into a lather.

3. Rinse off with water and towel dry.


mamaearth body wash





Rs 299 for 300 ml


On Amazon and Nykaa


Mamaearth ubtan bodywash comes in white colored plastic bottle with bright yellow cap. Cap closes tightly and hence product will not spill or leak. Bottle is quite travel friendly. The product itself is yellow in color with tiny particles which even work as scrub.

mamaearth body wash

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Mamaearth claims that there products are paraben and sls free and made with natural ingredients. People these days are obsessing over paraben and sls free products and hence this is quite good that Mamaearth Ubtan body wash is paraben and sls free. However, I am not anti paraben person. It claims that turmeric and saffron will give you glowing skin whereas walnut beads will gently exfoliate removing impurities.

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I kind of liked Mamaearth Ubtan body wash because it work as scrub also. It does help to provide glowing skin. It smells okay and will give you that deep cleansing feeling. But I feel that Mamaearth body wash should be used twice a week instead of everyday. If you use it twice a week, it will work as excellent cleanser but using it everyday can be a bit too harsh especially for dry or sensitive skin.

mamaearth body wash


Yes you can definitely purchase Mamaearth Ubtan Body Wash if you are a fan of paraben and sls free products. You can also purchase if you want readymade ubtan in a bottle. It can also be good for people who want the benefits of bodywash and scrub together. Use it everyday if you do not have sensitive skin or use it twice a week for effective and deep cleansing as I recommended. I can repurchase Mamaearth body wash in future but will like to try other bodywashes too.

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