Aloo Paratha Recipe | Aloo Ka Paratha

Hello all! Aloo parathas are love! I have always liked eating stuffed parathas and aloo, bathua and paneer parathas are my favourite. Today I am going to share how I cook Aloo ka paratha in my home. According to my family and friends, I prepare delicious Aloo parathas.

Recipe that I follow is simple and easy way to cook Aloo paratha but I can guarantee they will taste super yummy. All you need are potatoes and few simple ingredients that are available at your home. Do continue reading to know easy way of preparing Aloo ka paratha and enjoy them with loads of butter, curd and your favourite chutney.


Potato – 4 to 6

Red chilli powder – 1 tbsp

Cumin seeds (jeera) – 1/2 tbsp

Coriander leaves – a handful (optional)

Salt – to taste

Oil or desi ghee


Wheat flour – 6 cups

Asafoetida (hing) – 1 tsp

Salt – to taste

Water – 1 glass

(tbsp refers to tablespoon)

(tsp refers to teaspoon)

aloo ka paratha



1. Boil the potatoes and keep them aside for further use.

2. Take wheat flour in paraat or large bowl. Add asafoetida(hing) and salt to it.

3. Add salt in less amount because it will also be added to potatoes mixture.

4. Now add water to wheat flour slowly and knead it into a soft dough.

5. Crush the boiled potatoes and add red chilli powder, cumin seeds (jeera) and finely chopped coriander (optional) to it. Add salt to taste.

6. Mix all together nicely.

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7. Take medium sized ball of dough and roll it a little. Now keep one or one and half tablespoon of potato mixture on this rolled and flattened dough ball and close the mixture inside by rounding and sealing the dough ball with your fingers.

8. Keep this dough ball with potato mixture on rolling board ( chakla) and slowly roll it into paratha by sofly applying pressure on rolling pin ( belan) from both sides.

9. Press rolling pin very lightly so that mixture do not come out. Add dry flour on rolling board so that paratha can be rolled easily.

10. Now heat iron tawa a little, put paratha on tawa and cook it on both sides with the help of desi ghee or oil.

11. See that aloo paratha is cooked evenly on both sides. Flip it in between to ensure that paratha is roasted nicely.

12. Your piping hot Aloo ka paratha is ready. Cook other parathas also with same method.

13. Serve these Aloo parathas hot only. Add a dollop of butter on top.

14. Enhance aloo ka paratha taste more by serving them with chilled curd and your favourite pickle or chutney.

Piping hot Aloo Ka Paratha tastes best with butter applied on top with fresh curd. You can also eat aloo ka paratha with lemon pickle, mango pickle or fresh coriander chutney. Aloo Ka Paratha can be eaten in breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also serve Aloo Paratha with Dal Makhani or Paneer curry. Some dishes never get old and no stuffed paratha can beat Aloo Paratha in taste. You can also prepare healthier version of Aloo Paratha by cooking in less oil and skipping butter.

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