Fogg Body Spray For Men Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Fogg body spray for men. My brother is a loyal customer of Fogg deodorants and this body spray is always available at my home. These are available in both men and women range but I have not tried Fogg deodorant yet. I am more of a subtle fragrance lover and thus my favourite deodorant is from Nivea but I will soon be trying Fogg deodorant for women too. As of now, I will be talking about Fogg Absolute Fragrance Body Spray and Fogg Dynamic Fragrance Body spray because these two are lot used at my home. I have asked my brother his detailed experience with these two before writing this review and hence will be able to tell is Fogg Fragrance Body Spray For Men worth buying or not.

fogg body spray


Wear Fogg Body Spray to stay active and confident for whole day.

Filled in an attractive bottle you can carry this deo anywhere.
Pleasant aroma of this deo waft around you for whole day.
Formulated without gas this deodorant gives off only pure perfume.
Doesn’t harm skin or stain clothes.


Ethyl Alcohol, Perfume, DEP, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan


Hold the can 10-15 cm ( 4 to 6 inches) away from skin, spray all over body/clothes after bath, avoiding eye contact.


Rs 275 for 150 ml


On Amazon and Nykaa


Fogg Absolute Fragrance Body Spray comes in black colored metal cylindrical bottle with black colored cap. You need to pull the cap to open the bottle. Similarly, Fogg Dynamic Fragrance Body Spray comes in bright yellow colored cylindrical metal bottle with black colored cap and initials written on it. Packaging is very attractive given the price. Bottle has good quality nozzle on top of it with which you can spray the deodorant. Deodorant itself is colorless liquid with watery consistency. Fogg Absolute Body Spray has more strong and sharp fragrance while Fogg Dynamic Body Spray also is strong but bit subtle than Absolute Fogg Body Spray.

fogg body spray
Fogg Absolute Body Spray
fogg body spray
Fogg Dynamic Body Spray

Despite the fragrance and packaging color difference, both deodorants are same in their performance. On the basis of fragrance, if you ask me, I like Absolute Fogg body spray more because it has more earthy fragrance. I have always liked the strong sharp fragrances of men deodorants, body washes and after shave lotion more than women floral deodorants fragrance. Now coming to the performance, Fogg body spray prevents body odor and gives refreshing fragrance that stays for atleast 4-5 hours. If you are out on hot and humid day, you can feel the need of using this body spray again in 2 hours also. Though the brand says, it has long lasting fragrance, I will rather say its fragrance last pretty average.

fogg body spray
fogg body spray

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Now coming to price, I will say Fogg body spray is an affordable deodorant that comes in variety of fragrances. For a person who do not want to spend too much on fragrance but also wants a good quality deodorant, Fogg body spray can be a good choice. You can also purchase this on discount from websites like Nykaa and Amazon. Only con I can think of Fogg body spray is that its fragrance does not lasts more than 5 hours but that is the case with almost all deodorants. Also if you are in love with very soft and subtle fragrance, Fogg body spray is not meant for you.


Yes, I will absolutely recommend Fogg Absolute and Dynamic Fragrance Body Spray to all boys and men who are looking for strong fragrance deodorant in an affordable price. Though Fogg body spray has strong fragrance, it is not overpowering in any way. For those who like earthy and sharp fragrance, Fogg Absolute Fragrance Body Spray will be perfect choice for you. Those who love a little less strong and subtle fragrance can go for Fogg Dynamic Fragrance body spray. Personally, my brother loves both and he will be repurchasing Fogg body spray in future too.


Is Fogg absolute for male or female?

Fogg Absolute Fragrance body spray is unisex and can be used by both men and women. Its sharp and earthy fragrance make this body spray more preferable for men. Bottle of Fogg Absolute has enough perfume that it can last for 1000 sprays.

How do you use Fogg absolute?

Hold the Fogg Absolute Fragrance Body spray can 10-15 cm away from skin and spray all over body or clothes after bath. It gives a refreshing fragrance and protects from body odor and perspiration.

Is Fogg Dynamic perfume good?

Yes Fogg Dynamic perfume body spray is good for men with its subtle and decent fragrance that prevents body odor and keep you smelling good.

Is Fogg dynamic for men?

Fogg Dynamic Fragrance body spray has subtle yet strong fragrance that is suited for men and give them refreshing fragrance while preventing body odor.

Is Fogg dynamic long lasting?

Fogg Dynamic Fragrance body spray has average lasting fragrance that will stay on for maximum 5-6 hours a day. After that, you will need to reapply it.

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