Nykaa Wanderlust Mediterranean Sea Salt Shower Gel Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Nykaa Wanderlust Mediterranean Sea Salt Shower Gel. Shower Gels are one category where I experiment freely and like to try different good products that are available in market. On one hand, where I like to use mild soaps for my body like Dove etc, in between, I also like to experiment with different body washes for a change.

I personally love body washes that are gentle on skin but also smell good so that they instantly lift up my mood. I purchased Nykaa Wanderlust Mediterranean Sea Salt Shower Gel for myself because I wanted a shower gel that smells like sea and beaches. Read on to know does this shower gel really bottle up travelling experience with its fragrance as it claim and does it really feel like you are on a beach while using this shower gel in your very own bathroom.


You went kayaking in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, strolled on the endless coastline and ancient harbours. You laid back on the warm, sunny beaches and cruised through blue crystal waters popping the bubbly! Life seemed perfect amidst the temperate breezes, which once carried the cultures and treasures of antiquity. Now, we have captured the same freshness of that breeze in the bottle of our Shower Gel which gently cleanses your skin with lots of comforting, rich lather.



Work rich lather using a loofah or your hands and rinse


Rs 350 for 300 ml


On Nykaa


Nykaa Wanderlust shower gel comes in a big sized plastic bottle with transparent shower gel inside. Shower gel in bottle will not leak unless you leave the cap open, thus making its packaging travel friendly. As per its name, Nykaa Wanderlust Mediterranean Sea Salt Shower Gel captures the cool breeze of sea in a bottle, giving you a beautiful beach experience. It is infused with that aquatic fragrance of fresh air which makes you feel like you are on beach in your very own bathroom.

I purchased this shower gel from Nykaa website because of its aquatic fragrance only. I am in love with such refreshing fragrances as they make my mood calm and relaxed. The shower gel comes in a transparent gel form, which can be used with loofah or bare hands. Even a small amount will produce a rich lather. I love using this shower gel with bare hands only. It thoroughly cleanse my skin not making it dry. The fragrance is super amazing that lingers on after bathing.

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I fell in love with this shower gel because its aquatic fresh fragrance make your bathing experience so good. It will instantly make you feel refreshed and calm. It feels like you are actually on a real beach. Talking about the effectiveness of this product, it cleans your skin gently but does not improve your skin for better nor harm your skin in any way on continuous use.

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It does what it claims, mildly cleaning your skin while giving you the fragrance of travel experience. It is available in other variants too like Hawaiian Jasmine Shower Gel, Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, Country Rose Shower Gel etc.


Yes and absolutely yes. Nykaa Wanderlust Mediterranean Sea Salt shower gel is a very good shower gel in affordable range. You can even get discount on this during sale on Nykaa website. I just cannot describe how much I love its fragrance. And how this this is my super liked body wash which I use whenever I feel stressed.

I am a person who switch between soaps and shower gels. And if you are also like me, who like to use different body washes, Nykaa Wanderlust Mediterranean Sea Salt shower gel  is one shower gel that you must absolutely have because of its fragrance. You can even buy it in other fragrances if you are not so much in love with beach and aquatic fragrances like me. I will absolutely recommend it and will repurchase for myself too when I fully empty this bottle

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