Fiama di wills Menthol & Magnolia Gel Bar Soap Review

Hello friends. Today I am going to review Fiama Di Wills Menthol & Magnolia Gel Bar Soap. We all know that scorching heat of summers is unbearable. To deal with it, Fiama has intorduced cooling gel bar and shower gel with goodness of Menthol & Magnolia that will leave you feeling cool and refreshed. Use of Fiama Di Wills soap will uplift your mood and make every bath a highlight of your day.

fiama di wills soap

I purchased Fiama Cooling Gel Bar in summers just to try it out. I was looking for a shower gel that will be refreshing but decided to buy this Fiama gel bar. Read on to know how was my experience with this Fiama Di Wills soap.


Keep your mood uplifted and your skin cool & happy after every bath with Fiama Di Wills di wills di wills cooling menthol & magnolia gel bathing bar. When the temperature gets to you, give your skin The cool sensation it needs which will leave you feeling 3 degrees cooler this summer. Indulge in a fun, foamy bathing experience with this season’s cooling range of menthol & magnolia gel bathing bar. It doesn’t just keep you cool and refreshed, it also showers love on your skin and keeps you moisturised. Fiama Di Wills di wills di wills cooling gel bar will uplift your every sense and keep you happy after every bath.


fiama di wills soap


Rs 67 for 125 g


On Amazon and Nykaa


Fiama Menthol & Magnolia cooling gel bar soap comes in simple white and blue cardboard box with description written over it. Packaging is basic like other soaps but soap itself is very pretty. Fiama Di Wills soap is of bright blue colour with its unique shape. Fiama Di Wills soap smells heavenly with refreshing menthol fragrance. Overall, a really good looking soap in decent price from Fiama range.

fiama di wills soap
fiama di wills soap

Coming to my experience with Fiama Di Wills soap, it produces lots of lather while bathing. This soap actually does what it claims. I felt such amazing cooling sensation while bathing with Fiama Di Wills soap due to presence of menthol & magnolia in it, I guess. Also this cooling sensation lasted for few minutes after bathing. I have used many refreshing shower gels but nothing comes close to this. I was not expecting such performance from this decent priced soap.

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It worked normal on my skin like other soaps perform. It neither made my skin dry nor provided some additional benefits to my skin. But it improved my bathing experience with its heavenly fragrance and cooling sensation. It surely did uplift my mood when I used this. I am so impressed by this soap that I will try other variants of Fiama Gel Bars in future.


Yes, absolutely. All those who are looking for a cooling and refreshing soap, you must surely try Fiama Menthol & Magnolia Cooling Gel Bar Soap. It is even available on discount if purchased from Amazon and Nykaa. Fiama soap is really good for summers. I will surely recommend Fiama Di Wills Menthol & Magnolia cooling gel bar soap and will purchase for myself in future too.

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