Medimix Ayurvedic Body Wash With Sandalwood Oil Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Medimix Ayurvedic Body Wash with benefits of Sandalwood Oil and Eladi Oil that claims to give clear and glowing skin. I have already mentioned my love for Medimix soap in one of my old post and those who have read it must know that how Medimix soap is my cult favourite and I keep repurchasing this soap again and again. So last time I purchased a pack of 3 Medimix soap and received this small sized Medimix Sandalwood body wash bottle as free sample. I used it fully because though I love using Medimix soap for my body, yet I am a sucker of good body washes with great fragrance and keep switching between my regular soap and any body wash that I am liking at that time. Read on to know more about Medimix Ayurvedic Body Wash with Sandalwood Oil and should you be purchasing the big sized bottle of this body wash or not.

sandalwood oil


Now turn your everyday bath into an Ayurvedic beauty ritual with Medimix Ayurvedic Body Wash. Medimix Sandal & Eladi Oil Body Wash comes enriched with sandalwood that reduces tan to give you glowing skin. It also contains eladi oil that keeps skin even and hydrated. Feel heavenly after each bath with the heavenly fragrance of sandal. It is free from sulphates, parabens, soap and alcohol to give you cleansed skin daily, the natural way. Get nourished, supple skin and prevent bad odour with this Ayurvedic body wash. It is suitable for all skin types and lathers richly for a luxurious cleansing. Medimix’s new body wash range is crafted to give your skin the natural care it deserves. Get SkinFit with the power of Fast Acting Ayurveda!


  • Ayurvedic body wash that offers tan-free, glowing skin daily
  • Enriched with eladi oil that maintains hydration of the skin to keep it glowing
  • Infused with the time-tested goodness of sandal which clears tan effectively
  • Helps prevent bad body odour and keeps skin glowing
  • Provides everyday skin protection and keeps it soft, supple and smooth
  • Free from harmful chemicals like SLES, soap, alcohol and paraben
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • This product is cruelty-free and vegan


sandalwood oil


Step 1: Pour a small amount on wet loofah

Step 2: Work up lather by massaging your skin

Step 3: Wash thoroughly and pat dry


Rs 199 for 250 ml


On Amazon and Nykaa


Medimix ayurvedic body wash with sandalwood oil and eladi oil comes in transparent plastic bottle with black colored twist to open cap. Packaging is simple but useful because you can see the amount of body wash left in the bottle. Also Medimix body wash will not leak if you have closed the cap tightly. As per its name, Medimix Ayurvedic bodywash with sandalwood oil and eladi oil is golden in color with runny liquid consistency. It has strong sandalwood fragrance which is really soothing and calming. Its fragrance lingers on for few hours after you have taken bath.

sandalwood oil

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Medimix Ayurvedic body wash is also available as Kumkumadi & Natural Glycerine body wash and Turmeric & Argan Oil body wash. Now coming to my experience, Medimix Ayurvedic Body Wash with Sandalwood Oil and Eladi Oil works as a great cleanser which cleans skin effectively without stripping it of its moisture. It foams well and few drops of this body wash are enough to clean whole body. It has aromatic fragrance of sandalwood which I really liked. Medimix claims this body wash is also free from SLES, soap, alcohol and parabens thus making it suitable for men and women who have really sensitive skin.

sandalwood oil
Medimix Sandalwood Oil body wash

After continuous use of this body wash, I felt that this body wash like Medimix soap also help improve complexion and reduce tan. Only difference is that Medimix soap can be a bit drying on skin but Medimix Ayurvedic Body Wash with sandalwood oil and eladi oil is moisturising. This body wash also smells really good as compared to Medimix soap. Although this body wash is really good, I will still be using Medimix soap for my body. This body wash can be add on for me like I can keep switching between Medimix soap and this Medimix body wash but it certainly will not be replacing my favourite soap.


Yes, I will definitely recommend to purchase Medimix Ayurvedic body wash with sandalwood oil and eladi oil to all those who are looking for an affordable body wash with benefits of sandalwood in it. It cleans and moisturize body well and also remove uneven tan with regular use. Those who don’t like to use soap for their skin can certainly go for this soothing body wash that smells really amazing.

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