Renee Perfume Oud Aspire Review

We all know the importance of using perfume and smelling good in our day to day life. Use of good perfume can enhance your personality, boost confidence and can also make you feel attractive about yourself. Renee Cosmetics are already known for their unique and versatile fragrances that will certainly add to person’s charm. Recently, I tried Renee perfume Oud Aspire from their premium fragrance range and totally loved it. Renee Cosmetics Oud Aspire Eau De Parfum has that subtle yet exotic fragrance which will make lasting impression on others. I purchased a small bottle of this Renee perfume to try it first but has already emptied almost half of it. Read on to know more about Renee Oud Aspire perfume and why it is certainly worth a try.

Renee perfume


If you are looking for subtlety, we suggest you move on, as RENEE has introduced a form of ultimate sophistication and exotic grandeur in a bottle with Oud Aspire. This unique fragrance from RENEE is an interlude of top notes from Orange, Raspberry and Caramel; Rose, Agarwood, Olibanum, Patchouli and Violet as heart notes and Amber, Vanilla and Musk as base notes. Together, they form an unforgettable, and long-lasting impression. RENEE Oud Aspire is a bold yet versatile fragrance that complements your charm be it day or night. Just spray it on your pulse points and be ready to be aspired!


Ethyl Alcohol, Perfume, DEP, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Myristate, Alcohol (95% v/v) Content: 83.66% v/v Denatured with Diethyl Phthalate 1%, Aqua.


Hold the bottle at least a foot away and spray it on your clothes or pulse points like wrists and collarbones for a long-lasting appeal. 


Rs 199 for 8 ml


On Amazon and Nykaa


I ordered small sized bottle of Renee Cosmetics Oud Aspire Eau De Parfum which can be easily carried anywhere and can be kept inside pocket or handbag as you desire. Renee perfume came in brown colored cardboard box with Renee perfume glass bottle inside. Glass bottle looks luxurious with good quality nozzle that will help to spray perfume evenly. Nozzle has transparent plastic cap which you can use to cover nozzle after using this Renee perfume. It comes in sizes of 8 ml, 15 ml and 50 ml and you can purchase the bottle of 8 ml or 15 ml if you want to try it first and buy for travel purpose or purchase big sized bottle of 50 ml for regular use.

Renee perfume

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Renee Oud Aspire perfume has warm and earthy oud fragrance which will take time to grow on you but you will certainly get addicted to this Oud Renee perfume after using it few times. In my case, I ordered it online from Nykaa and when I first smelled it, I was not that impressed but began loving it after 3-4 uses. It has that sweet , earthy and calming smell which will elevate your mood. Its fragrance is neither very mild nor strong and I feel you can wear this perfume for day as well as night occasions.

Renee perfume

Renee Cosmetics Oud Aspire Eau De Parfum has Top Notes of Raspberry, Orange, Caramel, Middle Notes of Rose, Agarwood, Olibanum, Patchouli, Violet and Base Notes of Amber, Vanilla, Musk that certainly make this Oud fragrance a unique one. I also liked that Renee Oud Aspire perfume has long lasting fragrance and will not wear out really soon. I like to spray perfume on shoulder blades, wrists and sometimes over my clothes too for that added fragrance.

I love how the fragrance of Renee Oud Aspire Perfume lasts very long when applied on skin as well as clothes too. Renee launched 4 premium fragrances together, Dark Desire, Bloom, Red Noir and Oud Aspire and I am soon going to buy these other fragrances also. Renee perfume is not overpriced but certainly give competition to hyped and expensive fragrances available in market.


Yes, I will certainly recommend to purchase Renee perfume in Oud Aspire fragrance or another variant whichever appeals to you. In my case, I tried Oud Aspire, totally loved it and will now try this same Renee premium perfume in Bloom, Red Noir and Dark Desire fragrance. No doubt, Renee has given luxurious combo of premium and long lasting fragrances in much affordable price. Renee Oud Aspire perfume is must buy for Oud lovers and also for everyone who want a soft soothing long lasting fragrance that is wearable for all kind of occasions.


Is Renee perfume good?

Renee perfume is good perfume with unique captivating fragrance that is long lasting.

Which country brand is Renée?

Renee Cosmetics is an Indian makeup brand that offers high quality and cruelty free range of products.

Are Renée perfumes long lasting?

Renee perfumes are long lasting and more concentrated than other body sprays.

Is Renee a good brand?

Renee Cosmetics is a good brand that offers high quality makeup products in tons of shades and colors.

Is Renee perfume unisex?

Renee perfume is unisex perfume that offers unique luxurious fragrance for both men and women.

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