NY Bae Nail Paint Enamel Review And Swatches

Hello all! Today I am going to review NY Bae Nail Polishes that I have purchased from Purplle website in past. I sometimes like to shop from Purplle website because they have many discount offers running that are very alluring. I purchased 4 different nail paints from NY Bae among which 3 were pastels shades and one was glittery. These nail paints are rich in pigmentation and are available in variety of colors. I purchased NY Bae Nail Lacquers in shade Aqua Lily from Pretty Pastels range, Lavender You and Mauve Magic from Creme Enamel range and Long Island Moonlight from their glittery enamel range. Read on to know more about NY Bae Nail Polishes and why should you try them for sure.

ny bae


Wear the scrumptious flavours on the tip of your fingers. NY Bae brings you a range of mouth watering shades that are made to match all your moods. With a long lasting and chip resistant formula, they have got your back through all your cravings. A single stroke and you are all decked up on the go! The best part? It is cruelty free so you enjoy guilt free beauty. After all, who doesn’t like having delicious tips?


  • Long lasting formula
  • Chip resistant
  • Intense pigmentation


Full ingredients list not mentioned.


Shake well before use.


Rs 75 for 6 ml


On Purplle and NY Bae website.


NY Bae nail lacquers comes in transparent glass bottles with even brush attached to cap. Packaging is simple and decent like other nail polishes. I purchased one in shade Aqua Lily from Pretty Pastels range which comes in more cute bottle and attractive cap but also has less quantity as compared to other nail paints. NY Bae nail paints have similar typical alcohol fragrance coming from them which also comes from nail paints of other brands. NY Bae claims that their nail enamels are cruelty free, lead free, toxicity free and vegan in nature.

ny bae
Shade Mauve Magic and Lavender You
ny bae
Shade Long Island Moonlight and Aqua Lily

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I purchased them in 4 different colors among which 3 were pastels colors and one was glittery one. NY Bae Nail Lacquers in shades Lavender You and Mauve Magic are cute pink colors with Lavender You a light pink shade and Mauve Magic a more deep color. These nail paints are creamy in texture, give intense pigmentation in one swipe only and are wearable for every occasion. Other nail paint that I purchased in Aqua Lily shade is green in color which looks cool and different. It also gives intense pigmentation but only drawback is that quantity is very less in this Pretty Pastels range.

ny bae
Swatches on my hand

NY Bae Long Island Moonlight shade has blue glitters in it and you can wear this nail paint alone or as top coat over other nail paints. This is a very beautiful shade and can be used for nail arts too. I really liked using NY Bae nail paints as they are available in variety of shades to use from. They have vast range of pastel colors and those who like using nude and light nail paints must try these for sure. Also these nail enamels are very affordable and available in huge discounts when purchased from Purplle website. Only drawback I found is that these are not very long lasting but given the price and shades, these are still a must try.


Yes I absolutely recommend to purchase NY Bae nail lacquers because they are available in variety of beautiful shades and affordable prices. Those who are looking for cruelty free nail enamels can also give NY Bae nail paints a try. However, if you are looking for long lasting nail paints, then you should definitely go for Lakme and Maybelline nail paints instead of these. I will surely be repurchasing NY Bae nail paints in future too but these can certainly can’t replace my Maybelline nail paints collection.

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