Alniche Glutaup Glutathione Vitamin E Aloe Vera Soap Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Alniche Glutaup soap that I have tried and tested. I purchased this soap while searching for effective glutathione soap online. Although I found this soap a bit pricey, I purchased it just to test how it worked for my skin. Alniche Glutaup soap is basically a glutathione soap along with Aloe Vera , Vitamin C and Vitamin E too. Its ingredient list is very appealing as we all are familiar with benefits of Glutathione for our skin. Those who don’t know, Glutathione is a skin whitening ingredient that is known for reducing melanin in skin. When applied externally, Glutathione works as very effective skin lightening ingredient.

glutathione soap

Similarly other ingredients found in Glutaup soap are Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Vitamin C is also known to improve skin tone and reduce sun damage. Vitamin E is also a potent antioxidant with numerous benefits and Aloe Vera also help to moisturize skin, treat sun burn etc. When I purchased Alniche Glutaup Glutathione soap, I was very excited to try it. Read on to know did Glutaup soap met my expectations or not and should you consider buying it for yourself too.


  • ANTI AGING – Exposure to free radicals in the skin will make the skin cells damaged and cause the elasticity decreased. The skin will look aging. Gluthathione rejuvenate your skin cells.
  • MAKE SKIN WHITE – Glutathione as a high antioxidant that can maintain healthy skin cells also has the benefit of making skin look white shine. Regular use of soap containing glutathione can make your body glow.
  • ELIMINATES IMPURITIES IN THE BODY – Gluta up soap works effectively to remove dirt from your face & body. Gluta up soap works by peeling off your dead skin so the new skin will appear so that your body and face will look clean
  • BODY FEELS FRESH – Bath with soap containing glutathione and various nutrients such as VITAMIN E can make your body feel fresh again.
  • MAINTAIN SKIN MOISTURE – Skin moisture is very important to maintain. Especially with the hot weather will make your skin very easy to dry. Dry skin will result in the death of skin cells so you will have serious problems on your skin. Use Gluta up glutathione with alovera soap to keep your skin moist in.


Aloe Vera extract – 4% w/w

Vitamin C – 1% w/w

Glutathione – 0.5 % w/w

Vitamin E – 0.5 % w/w

Soap base – q.s.


Take Glutaup Soap as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Store in cool and dry place
  • Should be protected from direct light


Rs 285 for 110 g


On Amazon and Flipkart


Alniche Glutaup glutathione soap comes in very basic cardboard packaging with initials written on it. Inside cardboard box, there is white colored creamy Glutaup soap which looks a bit like Dove soap. Packaging is simple like medicinal products and nothing fancy. Glutaup soap has very strong fragrance which I did not like at all. Glutaup Glutathione soap is very creamy in texture and will melt very fast if comes in contact with water. Glutaup soap make a lot of soap and will cleanse thoroughly which I feel every soap do.

glutathione soap

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Now coming to most important part, Gluta up soap ingredients list seems wow but I did not like soap that much when I used it. I felt Glutaup soap was very similar to Kozicare Plus skin lightening soap that I have used earlier. On regular use, Gluta Up soap made my skin very dry. Dryness leads to dull skin so I did not experience lightening part that much. Glutaup soap can remove tanning if used regularly but it will certainly not brighten and whiten to great extent. Also given its price, I will definitely buy Kozicare Plus soap which is way cheaper. If I compare Glutaup soap and Kozicare Plus soap on performance, genuinely both soaps worked exactly same for me.


No, I feel Alniche Glutaup Glutathione soap is very pricey given its performance. It certainly does not whiten skin as it claims. If you are interested in trying skin lightening soap, give Kozicare Plus soap a try. If you ask my experience with skin lightening soaps, I feel they only remove tanning and one that I didn’t like about skin lightening soaps was they made my skin very dry. No, I will not be repurchasing Alniche Glutaup Glutathione Vitamin E Aloe Vera soap in future.


Is Glutaup soap good?

Glutaup soap claims that it has skin lightening properties and anti ageing benefits. Alniche GlutaUp soap is medicinal soap that is good for removing tanning but make skin dry with regular use. Though it has very effective ingredient list, it does not whiten and lighten skin as it claims.

Is Glutathione soap good for skin?

Glutathione soap is good for skin because good quality Glutathione when used regularly can reduce skin pigmentation, reduce melanin in skin, brighten and whiten skin without any side effects. Glutathione soap also has anti ageing properties and regular use of Glutathione soap prevent sun damage too.

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