Kojiglo Gold Skin Lightening Cream Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Kojiglo Gold Cream that claims to lighten skin and reduce dark spots. The main ingredient of Kojiglo Gold cream is kojic acid that is very popular in skincare industry for its lightening properties. Kojic Acid is known to reduce hyperpigmentation and melasma and continuous use of kojic acid in adequate proportion helps in lightening sun damage, age spots and scars. That’s why kojic acid is commonly used in creams, lotions and serums that claims to give clear and youthful complexion. Coming back to this cream, I tried this Kojiglo Gold cream fom Alkem Laboratories as night cream as I wanted to know how kojic acid will work for my skin. Read on to know more about my experience with this cream and will I recommend this cream or not.

kojiglo gold


  • Protects the skin from harmful UVB rays and reduces
  • Helps in decreasing dark spots and lightens skin shade
  • Highly effective skin brightener with anti-aging benefits
  • For the use in hyperpigmentation skin conditions including brown spots, brown patches and acne scar


kojiglo gold


  • Clean your face
  • Gently massage Kojiglo Gold over the affected area
  • Avoid contact with eye, eyelid area, nostril area and close to mouth
  • For best results, apply twice daily or as recommended by professional until desired results are achieved


Rs 540 for 20 g


On Amazon and Flipkart


Kojiglo Gold Skin Lightening cream comes in red and white colored cardboard box with initials and details written on it. I think the packaging has changed now and Kojiglo Gold Cream box is available in yellow and white color. Inside the box is Kojiglo Gold Skin lightening cream in metallic tube packaging with rotate to open cap. Packaging is simple and nothing fancy. Coming to cream, it is white in color with thick consistency. It has very strong fragrance which is okay for me but can be bothersome for people who are sensitive to fragrance.

kojiglo gold

Now coming to my experience, I purchased this Kojiglo Gold Skin Lightening cream so that I can use it as night cream and it will take care of all my skin woes. I am that kind of person who will stick to 1 or 2 products that work for my skin rather than using so many products at same time. I first tried this cream in summers for a month and although it worked well, I found it extra moisturizing for my skin.

kojiglo gold

I used this cream in night only because it has kojic acid as its main ingredient. If applied in day time, product with kojic acid can make your skin sensitive to sun rays. After washing my face in night, I took a small amount of this cream and applied it in dots over my face. With a light hand, I massaged it into my skin and it absorbed well. However, after 1-2 hours after applying, this cream felt heavy on my skin. I used this cream for a month and for sure, it helps in making your complexion even.

kojiglo gold
Kojiglo Gold cream on my hand

I do not have scars or extreme pigmentation on my skin. So, I cannot comment on how this cream will work on scars or deep marks. But if used regularly, Kojiglo Gold Cream will sure work on making complexion brighter and even. Only problem I have is with its texture. I would have liked this cream more if it had super light texture. In summers, it is for sure very difficult to use heavy moisturizer or heavy cream like this atleast for me. I enjoyed using this Kojiglo Gold cream more in winters.

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For summers, there are many other options like Suganda Niacinamide serum, Minimalist Alpha Arbutin serum that will also give you clear skin in this price range only. Also I will like to mention that do not forget using sunscreen of at least SPF 30 with this cream. Wearing sunscreen everyday in daytime is very necessary if you want to achieve better results. For those who don’t like heavy creams like me in summers but still want to use it, make sure to apply this cream in very small quantity.


Yes, I will recommend this Kojiglo Gold cream to all men and women if you are looking for a cream that will help in decreasing dark spots and make skin brighter with regular use. It is not extremely affordable cream but quantity provided will last long. Also, it does what it claims and will give you positive results if you use this cream in night and combine it with sunscreen everyday.


What is Kojiglo gold cream used for?

Kojiglo Gold Cream is a skin lightening cream that has kojic acid as its main ingredient and it helps in lightening dark spots and reduce pigmentation.

Does Kojiglo Gold really work?

Yes, Kojiglo Gold Cream really works and regular use of Kojiglo Gold cream with sunscreen will help you in achieving clear skin.

Can I apply Kojiglo gold cream on face?

Yes, Kojiglo gold cream is especially meant for use on face only. Clean your face and gently apply Kojiglo Gold cream over the affected area or entire face.

Can kojic acid remove dark spots permanently?

With regular use, Kojic Acid helps reduce dark spots. Even after achieving the desired results, make sure to take care of skin properly so that results are maintained.

Is Kojiglo Gold cream safe?

Yes, KojiGlo Gold cream is completely safe to be used on skin. It is steroid free and paraben free nd can be used on all skin types.

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