Top 5 Essential Products You Need To Have In Your Skincare Routine

ion. In today’s era, we all are familiar with importance of skincare routine. A good skincare routine, if followed regularly, will help to keep our skin healthy and glowing. Be it 20s, 30s or 40s, one must genuinely follow proper skin care to delay ageing and prevent skin issues in future. Poor skincare routine can lead to more breakouts and even cause skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and discoloration. Hence, it is very important to incorporate good skin care habits in your skincare routine and use mild and gentle products on skin according to your skin type that will not harm your skin in long run.

skincare routine

Following a long skincare routine everyday can be very tedious and boring. Also lengthy skincare routine will be more expensive because you will need many more products to be used on everyday basis. If you do not have the time nor any desire to follow a long skin care routine, here I am sharing top 5 products that you only need to achieve good and healthy skin.

1. Cleanser

A good cleanser is most basic product you need if you want to have clear skin. Invest in a gentle cleanser that suit your skin type to clean makeup, dirt, sweat and oil from your face. A good cleanser will remove impurities from your skin leading to clean and refreshed skin. Use of harsh cleanser daily can damage skin leading to more irritation and breakouts.

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2. Sunscreen

Second most important skincare product that you must religiously apply every day is sunscreen. A sunscreen with good spf will protect your skin from sun, will protect from serious skin care issues such as wrinkles, dark spots and ageing. I have personally experienced that my skin appear more healthier if I use sunscreen regularly. So, don’t skip sunscreen if you do not want to face adverse effects of harmful UV radiation.

3. Antioxidant serum

I will recommend everyone to include antioxidant serum in your skincare routine after 20s. An antioxidant serum will try to fight free radicals, repair skin and even reverse sun damage. These days, there are so many effective antioxidant serums at reasonable prices from which you can choose from according to your skin type.

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4. Moisturizer

A daily moisturizer is necessary to keep your skin barrier healthy and prevent wrinkles. Dehydrated skin is more prone to dullness, darkness or fine lines. Regular use of moisturizer will make your skin look young and add glow to your skin. Use a cream moisturizer if you have dry skin and go for gel moisturizer if you have oily skin.

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5. Exfoliator

Exfoliator will help to remove dead skin cells and prevent clogging of pores. You must exfoliate on weekly basis to keep your skin soft and smooth. A good exfoliator will even out your skin texture and make your skin look brighter. However over exfoliation can lead to redness, irritation and may leave skin in worse condition than you started with.


A good skincare routine does not always necssarily means longer skincare routine. Using too many products can irritate your skin. Using these top 5 skin care products will simplify your skin care routine and will show visible results. You can also add or subtract products as per your skin needs.

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