No Scars Cream For Scars And Marks Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review No Scars Cream which claims to reduce and remove scars and marks. It also claims that it works on hyperpigmentation, post pimple scars and dark circles around the eyes. I have always faced the issue of dark circles since childhood. I mainly purchased it to deal with dark circles but then also used this cream on whole face for few days. Read on to know more about No Scars Cream and whether it works on hyperpigmentation and dark circles or not.

no scars cream



  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Post Pimple Scars
  • Dark Circles under the eyes

INDICATIONS: For short term intermittent treatment of moderate to severe melasma of the face in presence of measures for sun avoidance including use of sunscreen.


Hydroquinone U.S.P. 2% w/w, Tretinoin B.P. 0.025% w/w, Mometasone Furroate I.P. 0.10% w/w in a cream base q.s.


Apply and massage gently till the cream is fully absorbed.


Rs 255 for 20 g


On 1mg


No Scars cream comes in tube packaging. Packaging is very basic like other prescription creams. But its tube packaging is useful and hygienic because you can take out the amount of product you need by opening the cap and squeezing the tube. This cream is white in color and is absorbed easily by gentle rubbing. Its fragrance is very bad and feels similar to hair removal creams. It also stings a little when applied on skin. No Scars cream contains Hydroquinone and Tretinoin as its main ingredients.

I used this cream in night for few days just to test it out. I applied it in small quantity like any other night cream after washing my face. When applied, it make your face look oily for few minutes. Also it is advised not to skip sunscreen while using No Scars Cream. When I used this cream, my skin behaved as usual for some time. However after few days, this cream started irritating my skin and made it more sensitive. Also when I applied No Scars cream, it was burning more than usual. Hence I completely stopped using it.

Cream on my hand
Cream completely absorbed in my skin

The benefits of No Scars cream include lightning of skin but I found side effects more than benefits. My skin was heavily irritated only in few days even when I was using very small quantity of it. Also, I read somewhere prolonged use of this cream give side effects such as growth of hair on face and sun sensitivity. No Scars cream claims that it work on hyperpigmentation and dark circles but for me, it caused adverse reaction on my face.


If you have scar on face, you can apply this cream only on scar and see if its work for you. However, I will absolutely not recommend No Scars cream if you are dealing with hyperpigmentation or melasma. This cream has hydroquinone and tretinoin which also have adverse side effects on skin. In fact, No Scars cream is not very affordable too. It costs Rs 255 for tiny tube of 20 g. I will not be repurchasing this cream in future for sure.


What is no scars cream?

No Scars cream is Hydroquinone and Tretinoin cream that works as comprehensive therapy for hyperpigmentation, post pimple scars and dark circles under the eyes.

Does no scars cream work?

No Scars cream does not work effectively and can cause irritation if applied in too much quantity. I will no recommend to use No Scars cream especially on sensitive skin.

What is no scar cream good for?

No Scars cream is good for treatment of moderate to severe melasma and helps to reduce and remove scars and marks

Can I use no scars cream daily?

No Scars can be used daily but only one application is advised and at bed time. Discontinue the use if skin irritation occurs.

Can we apply no scars cream on face?

No Scars cream can be used on face to lighten marks and dark spots. It also helps to reduce and remove scars and treat moderate to severe melasma.

How to use no scars cream?

Apply and massage gently till the cream is fully absorbed. Do not go out in the sun after applying No Scars cream.

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