7 Best Ways To Use Rice Water For Skin And Hair

Once I saw a video of youtuber using fermented rice water to wash her face every day and night. She claimed she use only rice water to wash her face and not tap water or filtered water. I was so intrigued that is rice water so amazing that it is worth to put effort into using rice water for skin every single day. After researching and personally using it on myself, I can say that rice water is indeed good for skin and hair.

You can prepare rice water at home by soaking uncooked rice in normal water overnight and then using this rice water for your skin and hair. Or you can boil rice in water and use this boiled water after cooling for your personal use. Here I have listed 7 best ways in which you can use rice water for amazing skin and beautiful hair.

1. As a hair rinse

Shampoo your hair with your favourite shampoo. Then rinse your hair with rice water and massage it gently on scalp and hair. Leave it on for 4-5 minutes. Now rinse thoroughly with normal water and towel dry your hair. Rinsing with rice water bring shine to hair and keep them strong and healthy.

2. As a toner

Substitute your regular toner with natural rice water. Using rice water as toner will help to reduce size of pores on your skin. Regular use of rice water as toner will make your skin soft, tight and radiant.

3. As a face and body cleanser

Dip cotton balls into rice water and rub it over your face and body. Rice water will remove all the dirt, grime and oil on your skin and will bring out clear and bright skin.

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4. Using rice water in face masks

You can also add rice water into your moisturising face masks. Rice water has wonderful effects in skin rejuvenation and face masks mixed with rice water can give added benefits to your skin like softening wrinkles and radiant skin.

5. Using rice water as skin rinse

You can use rice water to rinse your face and body. Rice water rinse has been used by women in China and Japan for centuries. Rice water is amazingly packed with skin loving vitamins and minerals that lead to delicate, shining and clear skin on regular use.

6. Using rice water as hair conditioner

Mixing rice water with essential oils will lead much more benefits for your hair. Add drops of your favourite essential oil to rice water, leave it in your hair after shampooing and wash it off. Use of rice water as conditioner will make your hair healthy and smooth.

7. Using rice water as bath soak

Take a small muslin bag and add 1/2 cup rice to it. Add lavender flowers or lavender essential oil to it. Place this muslin bag in water. Use this rice water bath soak to cleanse, relax and rejuvenate your body.

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