Vaseline Original Skin Protecting Petroleum Jelly Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Vaseline Original Skin Protecting Petroleum Jelly. Do I even need to say how old this Vaseline Petroleum Jelly product is? I have seen Vaseline jelly in my home since I was a child and saw my mother using it in multiple ways. Till now, a small jar of Vaseline Original Skin Protecting Jelly is staple in my home. It is a very inexpensive product yet so useful. Best part is you need petroleum jelly in such a small quantity that a small jar of Vaseline jelly go on for months. Vaseline Jelly is also available in other variants like Vaseline Cocoa Butter Skin Protecting Jelly and Vaseline Aloe Fresh Light Hydrating Jelly but my favorite is its original variant only.

vaseline petroleum jelly


  • Protects from dry and parched skin
  • Best for dull skin, cracked skin or dry skin during harsh winters.
  • Triple purified and Dermatologist tested
  • Locks in moisture, for cracked heels and chapped lips.


Mineral oil, Paraffin, microcrystalline wax, tocopheryl acetate, fragrance


Use twice daily for best results. Re-apply as needed.


Rs 45 for 20 g


On Amazon and Nykaa


Vaseline Original Skin Protecting Petroleum Jelly comes in transparent plastic jar with dark blue colored cap. You need to pull off the cap to take out Vaseline petroleum jelly from jar. Transparent jar helps to see how much petroleum jelly is left but you need to dip your fingers in jar to scoop out Vaseline which is a little unhygienic process. Vaseline Original Skin Protecting Petroleum Jelly is transparent in color and has very subtle sweet fragrance. When applied on skin, it absorbs into skin very easily leaving soft and satiny skin behind.

vaseline petroleum jelly

Now Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is not something which I purchased for myself but my family purchases it and I can always find it on dressing table in my sweet home. I know about Vaseline Petroleum Jelly since I was a kid but never really used it. I used this baby on my dry lips once my lip balm was finished and really liked how it instantly moisturized my flaky lips in an instant. I mean who needs expensive lip balms if such a cheap product can do wonders for your chapped lips. Also it is so affordable and even smallest jar of this Vaseline is going to last very long.

vaseline petroleum jelly
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on my hand

Next I used this Vaseline Original Skin Protecting Petroleum Jelly on my hands and elbows and it worked well on dry skin too. Even the roughest skin of elbows was deeply moisturized by this Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. After using it few times, I can say that Vaseline Skin Protecting Jelly is all rounder for your skin. It has the ability to certainly replace your body lotion and lip balm. Though I will still be purchasing my fragrant body lotion and lip balm because I am hoarder of skin care products but I will certainly keep this Vaseline Jar handy for times when I need excessive moisturization for my lips and body.

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Only can that I can find is that it is not fragrance free and since this is such a wonderful product, I want Vaseline brand to make a non fragrant version of this petroleum jelly too for people who are sensitive to fragrances. Also I will certainly not recommend to use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on face since it can certainly cause breakouts for some people. Otherwise, it is a multi purpose product that will certainly work well for all skin types especially in winters.


Yes I will absolutely recommend to purchase Vaseline Original Skin Protecting Petroleum Jelly to each and everyone out there. Even most expensive lip balms cannot beat the intense moisturization Vaseline Petroleum Jelly provide to lips. Also it make skin very soft and supple. I will surely be repurchasing Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in future too especially in winters.

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