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Hello all! Today I am going to share my experience with ISayOrganic Organic Foods store that has vast variety of premium quality organic foods, be it WholeFoods, DryFruits, Snacks, Beverages, Cooking Essentials and more. I have always believed in healthy lifestyle and try my best to include nourishing foods in my diet and moderate intake of unhealthy and processed foods. I was tempted to try baked snacks and other foods from ISayOrganic because they have organic foods options that are free from chemicals and harmful artificial preservatives. Read on to know did these baked snacks and organic foods that I purchased from ISayOrganic website were actually worth buying or not.



I Say Organic is a social enterprise which believes in giving people the option of eating safe food which are grown without toxic chemicals and pesticides, while recognizing and supporting farmers who grow this food. ISayOrganic are committed to serving the purest, most natural form of food available to them. Their products are made with real, pure ingredients that contain no additives or preservatives. Get healthy and chemical free organic food products online like fruits, vegetables and other grocery items from I Say Organic.


ISayOrganic sells organic products that are certified and created using organic ingredients. I Say Organic also use ingredients that have been grown using completely chemical free agricultural practices.


On ISayOrganic Website


Recently, I came across ISayOrganic website which sells organically grown fruits and vegetables, all sorts of whole foods be it rice, flours, and pulses, cooking essentials like oils, ghee and spices, dry fruits and seeds, and also different varieties of organically baked snacks. I was tempted to buy from them because I love munching in between my lunch and dinner. I also have habit of working till late or binge watching something, which again lead to me eating something or other in night. I loved the option of different kind of baked snacks available on this website, and hence, I decided to try them out.


I ordered different kind of snacks so I can try them all and then repurchase the snacks that tasted best. I ordered roasted red rice chiwda mix, salted peanuts, cream onion roasted makhana, chakli, namak para, methi mathri and rice namkeen. I also ordered crunchy trail mix which was a mixture of flax seeds, variety of dry fruits and jaggery. I love pickles and therefore decided to try their sweet lemon pickle also known as Neembu ka Meetha Achar. I also purchased shakkar para, mango bar, apple candy and completed my order with organic dosa mix.


Needless to say, order was quickly delivered and nicely packed when received. All snacks and other items except lemon pickle were present in brown colored paper bag with initials and details written over them. Sweet lemon pickle was stored in transparent glass jar with tight metallic cap. I loved the packaging because all the packets had tightly secured zip lock at opening, which means you can easily store snacks in these bags only, without the fear of snacks turning stale or losing their crispiness after opening. Also you can carry these paper bags so easily with you while travelling. I also loved the fact that all packets have thin strip of transparent film so you can see from outside and know which packet has which snack inside without reading the name.

Sweet Lemon Pickle

All the snacks that I ordered were great in taste and light on stomach. All these were made with pure and organic ingredients like whole wheat atta, himalayan pink salt, jaggery, etc. I totally loved their quality and found them a great option for those who want to eat baked snacks instead of fried snacks but also want these baked snacks to taste good. Amongst all, I liked red rice chiwda mix, shakkar para, cream onion roasted makhana, chakli and mango bar the most and will recommend everyone to try these out. I also loved their oil free sweet lemon pickle which really taste great. Overall, I found my purchase from ISayOrganic totally satisfying and genuinely liked their chemical free organic products which also have great taste.


I will surely recommend to purchase from ISayOrganic because they offer chemical free fruits and vegetables, whole foods and other cooking items that are grown organically and are also of fine quality. They also have dry fruits, beverages and other baked snacks which are not fried and made of pure organic ingredients. Overall, I will surely recommend everyone to buy from ISayOrganic and try their genuine organic products that are better and healthier than other products available in market.

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