Kai Face Razor For Women Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Kai Stainless Steel Blade Face Razor for women. I am a girl who is not so fond of going to beauty parlors and prefer to use face razor for little hair over lip area. I have not used face razor on my whole face yet but only over upper lip area or to remove extra eye brow hair. Though I will recommend threading on regular basis, but face razor can prove to be very useful especially in hurry. Or when there is some event or important occasion and you cannot visit beauty salon. That’s why I always keep face razor in my home as well as body razor for my hands and legs too and these have helped me on numerous occasions. Read on to know more about Kai Face Razor For Women.

face razor for women


bi-hada L-shaped Face Razor For Women

  • Stainless steel blade is coated with chromium, making it rust resistant
  • Re usable protective blade cover
  • ABS layer around the handle for comfortable grip
  • Made with advanced nano coating technology for extra smooth and rust resistance.
  • L Type Shaped design for easy to remove facial hairs and comfortable gripping


Face Razor – 2 N


  1. Soak your face with luke warm water and apply moisturizer or face oil for smooth gliding across your face.
  2. Apply gentle pressure to the facial areas and move the razor towards direction of hair
  3. Wash your face and apply your favourite moisturizer.


Rs 269 for pack of 2


On Amazon and Nykaa


Kai Bi-Hada Face Razor for Women has 2 pink colored face razors with protective blade cover. Kai face razor has plastic body with stainless steel blade at one end. These are easy to grip and very comfortable to be used on face especially near mouth area. Kai Face Razor for Women can be used on cheeks, chin area, upper lip and eyebrows too. I mostly like to use Kai razor for eyebrow and upper lips and they serve their purpose well.

face razor for women
face razor for women

Before using Kai Face razor For Women, I thoroughly wash its blade end with warm water and gentle soap. Also I apply Ponds Super Light Gel Moisturizer over face area where I want to use it. Kai Razor blades are super sharp and hence I will caution to work slowly and carefully with these. Kai Face Razor For Women remove facial hair easily and without any kind of pain. Make sure to lather loads of moisturizer over face area after use to avoid any kind of redness and irritation afterwards.

face razor for women

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I am using Kai Face Razor For Women from long time and its still good as new. There is no sign of rust on blades and they are still super sharp. Kai Face Razor quality is top notch and they work beautifully to remove any kind of unwanted hair on face. I have never seen any extra growth of hair or hard and coarse hair on my face after using this Kai face razor on my face. And thus can say with my experience that face razor is completely safe to use. Also the super ease of getting rid of facial hair in few minutes without any pain and side effects will make you fall in love with this face razor with time.


Yes I will absolutely recommend to purchase Kai Face Razor for women. Kai Face Razor is super affordable and very easy to use on face too. You can use this at home yourself and it make the process of removing facial hair very easy. Kai Face Razor For Women is absolutely my favourite and I will keep using this face razor in future too.

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