Cantharidine Hair Oil Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Cantharidine Hair Oil. Be it men or women, we all want to have thick, shiny and strong hair. There are different kind of opinions in market whether we should oil our hair or not. Some will agree that oiling is beneficial for hair while others will say that oil can clog hair follicles, leading to hair fall and dandruff. Whatever the opinion, I have always liked the process of oiling my hair once in a week and will agree that oiling is a useful practice that promotes overall hair health.

cantharidine hair oil

I have long straight hair and oiling hair on regular basis has helped to make my hair strong and thick. Oiling with good quality oil also helps to strenghten hair roots and promote hair growth. A good hair oil hydrates and moisturizes your scalp which in turn, strengthen our hair, prevent breakage and also reduce dryness.  Here, I will be talking about Cantharidine hair oil which I have used and was really impressed by its results. Read on to know more about Cantharidine hair oil and should you be incorporating it into your hair care routine.


Exquisitely perfumed and golden colored oil for the preservation and growth of hair.


Arachis oil, Light liquid paraffin and Cantharidin


Apply Cantharidine hair oil on your scalp and massage with fingertips using circular motion.


Rs 399 for 100 ml


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Cantharidine hair oil comes in plastic transparent bottle with details and initials written over it. Packaging is not that good given the price and there can be spillage of oil if cap is not closed tightly. I will recommend to wrap this cantharidine hair oil bottle in plastic bag for extra caution if you are going to travel with it. Cantharidine hair oil is non sticky golden colored oil with light texture. It has strong sweet fragrance which can bother people who are sensitive to fragrance.

cantharidine hair oil

You will need small quantity of this oil for your entire hair as it spreads very easily. Hence, a bottle of Cantharidine hair oil is going to last really long. You can use Cantharidine oil for hair oiling one hour before hair wash or apply it overnight, whatever way you prefer. Since Cantharidine oil has very light texture, it can be easily removed from hair in single wash. You will not need to shampoo your hair one more time to wash it off.

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Cantharidine hair oil has medicinal properties and work great on all kind of hair. It helps in reducing dandruff, prevents thinning of hair and promotes new hair growth. It also prevents split ends and provides shine to hair. Although Cantharidine oil claims it prevents grey hair too, it is too early to comment whether this oil genuinely prevents greying of hair or not. But I can do say that use of Cantharidine hair oil will make hair soft and nourished, and will also prevent dandruff and dry scalp. Regular and continuous use of Cantharidine hair oil can also help in reduction of hair fall and will promote hair growth too.


Yes, I will absolutely recommend to purchase Cantharidine hair oil to all men and women who are looking for light and non sticky hair oil that will promote overall hair health. This oil helps nourish and hydrate hair without weighing them down. Though packaging is not that good, but hair oil inside bottle is beneficial for hair and can help solve many problem related to hair. I will surely be repurchasing Cantharidine hair oil in future too.

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