Bhargava Angel Gloss Berberis Aquifolium Cream Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Bhargava Angel Gloss Complexion Cream with Berberis Aquifolium as its main ingredient. Berberis Aquifolium is very popular in Homeopathic medicine and known for clearing skin and getting rid of skin problems. I purchased this homeopathic berberis aquifolium cream after I researched about it and came to know that many people use and trust this cream. I also have seen some homeopathic medicines working slowly but effectively in my life. That’s why I purchased Angel Gloss Cream to try on myself and see whether it really deliver results or not. Also this homeopathic cream is so affordable that one do not need to think before buying it at all.

berberis aquifolium


Angel Gloss is a light moisturizing cream especially formulated with natural homeopathic ingredients to exfoliate, nourish and revive all skin types: normal, dry or oily skin. Its regular use will help to stimulate new cells to the surface by encouraging dry, lifeless old cells to fall away; improve glowness and tonicity of the skin; remove tendency of acne formation; thereby helping to restore a healthy looking and translucent smooth skin.


Berberis aquifolium Q 2%, Hydrastic canadensis Q 2%, Ledum palustre Q 1% in a non greasy cream base with Alcohol 2.5% v/w


Apply sufficient amount of Angel Gloss cream to your fingertips, gently massage over face and neck daily twice a day after washing face.


Rs 95 for 30 g


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Bhargava Angel Gloss Berberis Aquifolium Complexion Cream comes in simple blue and white colored cardboard packaging with details written over it. Inside is Angel Gloss cream in squeeze tube with blue colored twist to open cap. Packaging is basic and not at all fancy. Angel Gloss Berberis Aquifolium cream is white in color and has thin cream consistency like other day creams in market. It get absorbed into skin very easily. Angel Gloss Cream has strong Boroline alike fragrance which stays after you have applied this cream for few minutes. I absolutely loved the soothing fragrance of this cream.

berberis aquifolium
berberis aquifolium

I used Angel Gloss cream twice daily on my face as mentioned in directions. But after few days, I started using this cream as night cream only. Reason was it appeared oily on my face after few minutes. After using Angel Gloss Cream for some time, I started noticing that all the claims made by this cream are accurate. It does make complexion clear after regular use. You will notice that your skin will look more clearer than before if you use it regularly.

berberis aquifolium
Angel Gloss Cream on my hand
berberis aquifolium
My hand after Angel Gloss cream is absorbed

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I don’t have pimples so I cannot comment on that but this cream surely work on tanning and pigmentation. But don’t expect miraculous results from this cream overnight. Being a homeopathic medicine, this cream work slowly but show visible improvement in some time. Though cream says it is meant for all types of skin, I will suggest people with oily skin not to use this cream in summers because of its oily texture. Angel Gloss Berberis Aquifolium Cream is very hydrating cream and I myself felt this is a more apt cream for winters rather than summers.


Yes I will recommend Bhargava Angel Gloss Berberis Aquifolium Complexion Cream to all women and men who are looking for an affordable cream that even out skin tone. There are many creams in market that claim to work in similar price but do not show satisfactory results at all. I will highly recommend this cream to dry skinned beauties as it is very hydrating. Overall, Angel Gloss cream is a good homeopathic cream that deliver results in very affordable price

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