Tulips Cotton Pads For Face Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Tulips Cotton Pads that have multi purpose uses and are so soft that they are perfect for use on face too. There are so many uses of cotton balls especially for girls and women like applying toner, removing makeup, nail paint removal etc. I also used normal cotton balls before but since I used these Tulips Cotton Pads, I am addicted to them. These are lint free pads much more softer than cotton balls and also very affordable. Read on to know more about Tulips Cotton Pads and why they are perfect choice to be used on face and skin.

cotton pads


Tulips Cotton Pads are 100% pure cotton. There are no chemicals used in its production. Tulips Cotton Pads are made with special waterjet technology which ensures no fibre residue when you clean your skin with them.

  • Made using 100% pure cotton
  • Soft and gentle on skin
  • Ideal for make-up removal/ application, general hygiene & baby care
  • Microbiologically tested


100% Pure Cotton, Totally Chlorine Free


  • Removing Make Up
  • Removing Nail Polish
  • Applying Toners, Cleansers and Lotions


Rs 90 for 50 N


On Amazon and Nykaa


Tulips Cotton Pads comes in transparent polythene bag with zip lock on top. Polythene is of low quality but zip lock is very useful as it helps to store cotton pads safely. Tulips Cotton Pads are round regular sized lint free pads that are very soft on skin and can be used on sensitive skin too. Edges of these cotton pads are evenly stitched and there is no fibre residue after using these pads for cleaning skin. These soft pads can be used from both sides thus making them more economical to use.

cotton pads

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Packaging says that these pads can be used for both makeup application and makeup removal but I have used these pads for application of toner and removal of make up. I have also used these cotton pads for removal of nail paint. The light textured surface of these pads is ideal for applying lotions and creams as well as for soft and easy make up removal. Whereas the compact textured surface is ideal for applying toner or nail polish remover.

cotton pads
Tulips Cotton Pads after makeup removal

Tulips pads are made of clean, soft and highly absorbent pure cotton and are also suitable for cleaning baby delicate skin and for general cleanliness. I will mostly recommend these cotton pads for face to all women who use micellar water or cleansing oil to remove their make up at night. I will also recommend them to women and girls who are very much into skin care and use cotton balls to apply toner or lotion on their skin. Face skin is very delicate and these pads have unmatched softness making them ideal for regular use on face. Also these pads are super affordable and continue for a long time.


I will totally recommend to purchase these Tulips Cotton Pads for use on face. These double sided pads are vey affordable and can be used in multi purpose way. They are best for removing make up, nail paint removal, application of toner etc. I have purchased these cotton pads many times and will keep purchasing in future too.

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