Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner that will feel super refreshing on your skin in summers. Summers can be challenging season for our skin. There is unbearable heat and scorching sun that make our skin suffer. No doubt, our skin tends to be dull and dehydrated due to excessive sun. People who suffer most are those who cannot afford to stay inside when sun is at its peak.

good vibes toner

I was searching for a refreshing mist that I can spray on my face whenever my skin feel dry or dehydrated. While browsing Purplle app, I came across Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow toner which claimed to be rich in antioxidants. I thought of giving this product a try as I can use it in dual way, as toner as well as refreshing mist. Also, this glow toner was super affordable. Read on to know is Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner worth purchasing.


Rich in antioxidants, Pomegranate is known for neutralizing free radicals in the skin. It brightens skin and adds a natural radiance. Step up and glow. That’s your vibe.

Suitable for all skin types.


good vibes toner


Cleanse your face and pat dry. Spray the toner directly over face and neck and lightly pat it in with fingertips. Let it air dry. Use twice daily for best results.


Rs 205 for 120 ml


Available on Amazon and Purplle.


Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner comes in a dark colored plastic bottle with a pump. It also has transparent cap that prevent the product from spilling. Packaging is simple and useful. Pump helps to spray the toner on face evenly. Dark colored bottle prevent the toner from going bad very easily. Texture of Good Vibes toner is like water but it has very strong sweet fragrance.

good vibes toner

I purchased Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow toner because of the word ‘Glow’ in its name. I wanted a toner that will brighten my face when I spray it. I have used it more like a refreshing mist and have sprayed it over makeup as well as on bare face. Good Vibes Glow Toner does refreshes your face and provides a subtle glow when sprayed but its fragrance is too strong for my liking. Good Vibes Toner also not disturbed my makeup and refreshed it when I used it over makeup and provided a light glow when used on my bare face.

good vibes toner
Texture of Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow toner on my hand

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What I liked about Good Vibes glow toner is that it does not dry out your skin. You can use it as many times on your face as refreshing mist but it will not be drying on face. Other fact that I liked was Good Vibes toner is completely non greasy. When sprayed on face, it will completely dissolve into your skin like water. It also brightened my face a little but I will not say that I saw very visible changes on my face after using this glow toner. Also I disliked the fact that Good Vibes Toner has such strong fragrance. I would have liked it more if it has mild or no fragrance.


Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner is an affordable glowing toner that also works as a refreshing mist for summers. Also the quantity provided is good for the amount you pay. I will recommend it as refreshing mist to people who are not allergic to fragrances. Also it can be good toner for people who are looking for brightening effect. Those who have very sensitive skin or use no fragrance products can surely skip this toner.

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