Suganda Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum Review

We all know the importance of Vitamin C for skin and health. Topical application of Vitamin C helps to fight with pigmentation, sun damage and also reverse signs of ageing with continuous usage. Today I am going to review best Vitamin C serum in India Suganda antioxidant serum. Suganda antioxidant serum has 10 % Vitamin C and helps to reduce pigmentation and fade dark spots. I always like to use products on my skin that slowly but visibly improve appearance of my skin with continuous usage. Lets see how this Suganda Vitamin C serum fared for me.

suganda vitamin c serum


Vitamin C helps brighten and shield skin from environmental stressors for a healthier, more youthful-looking complexion. This formula is less irritating and leaves your skin visibly firm and hydrated.


suganda vitamin c serum


Add 1-2 drops to your moisturiser for beginners. Apply 2-3 drops after cleansing and follow up with a moisturiser.


Rs 950 for 30 ml


Order through Suganda Website


Suganda Vitamin C serum comes in simple glass packaging with dropper. Packaging is nothing fancy but Suganda antioxidant serum is potent and works efficiently. And obviously who cares about packaging if product show visible results on skin. You need to close cap tightly after use or this Vitamin C serum will deteriorate when comes in contact with air or sunlight. Suganda Vitamin C serum is of light yellow color and contains almost no fragrance.

Although Vitamin C serum can be used in day time too, I used Suganda Vitamin C serum in my night time skin care routine. I liberally applied 3-4 drops of this antioxidant serum after washing my face. It suited my normal skin well and did not make my skin greasy or oily after use. My skin looked more hydrated, supple and even toned after use of Suganda Vitamin C serum. I have read reviews of women that claimed this serum caused purging on their skin but thankfully it didn’t happen to me. Infact, I felt Suganda Vitamin C serum is mild enough to be used on all kind of skin.

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I like to try any skin care product atleast for a month because usually products work slowly and take time to show results. But even after continuous use of Suganda Vitamin C serum for long time, I did not find major changes in my skin tone. My skin sure looked more healthy and even toned but that’s it. I know serums that work equally good but on far less price. Also Suganda Vitamin C serum get oxidised very easily and I feel it will be difficult to travel with this serum because any kind of exposure to air and sunlight will make this serum less efficient.

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Suganda Vitamin C serum has good ingredients list with Centella Asiatica, 10 % Vitamin C and Curcumin as its key ingredients and serum packed with such powerful ingredients should work very well but I found it as serum which do works but not to great extent. Though I liked the fact that Suganda Vitamin C serum is water based and that make this serum suitable for all kind of skin especially oily and acne prone skin.


Yes, you can try Suganda Vitamin C Antioxidant serum if you are looking for a Vitamin C serum that evens your skin tone and make it appear more healthy. I personally found Suganda 10 % Vitamin C serum very expensive compared to effects it show on skin. I am not saying its a bad serum but bit overpriced. No, I will not be repurchasing Sunganda Antioxidant Vitamin C serum in future.

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