Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut Computer Glasses Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut Computer Glasses. These days most of our work is based on using digital screens like laptops and mobiles. We spend so many hours staring at digital screens and cause strain on our eyes. Even when we are not working, we relax by binge watching web series or playing online games which again effect our eyes. Digital screens, be it laptop, tablet or smartphone emits blue light which can be dangerous to eyes and cause digital eye strain and headaches.

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Computer glasses filter out harmful blue light and reduce eyes strain and discomfort. With the help of proper computer glasses, we can work on digital screens for long hours without harming our eyes. Today I am going to review Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut Computer Glasses that I purchased for myself to protect my eyes from harmful effects of digital screens like laptop, TV and mobile phone. Read on to know how was my experience and will I recommend them or not.


  • THE ULTIMATE COMPUTER GLASSES FOR EYE PROTECTION – Our blue light filter glasses for men and women are upgraded computer glasses crafted to help you adapt to your digital lifestyle.
  • ADVANCED BLUE CUT TECHNOLOGY – The anti glare glasses for men and women are made of multi-layered CR39 blue cut lenses that block out harmful blue light to ease computer eye strain.
  • STURDY FRAME – Our blue ray glasses for men and women are built with ultra-durable and lightweight TR90 material. Thus, these blue light filtering glasses last long along with providing max comfort.
  • SUPERIOR SPECTACLES FOR MEN & WOMEN – The blue light glasses reduce digital fatigue from your mobiles, computers etc. as these have been precision engineered for effortless eye care.
  • STYLISH & FASHIONABLE -The full frame blue cut glasses for men and women have a trendy design and come with exquisite temples which add to your style quotient in your day-to-day life.
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Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut Glasses have durable plastic black body with full frame glasses. Intellilens Computer glasses are zero power lens and have anti glare coating to protect eyes from glare emitted while using laptop and mobile. Glasses appeared of good quality and build and yet felt light weight while wearing.

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I did not find Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut Glasses very stylish to wear. They have very basic look and are even a little loose on me. Intellilens make unisex glasses which can be wear by both men and women. I didn’t liked the fact that they are available in one size and single black color. There should be more sizes and colors to choose from. Apart from its look, they are comfortable while wearing and does not cause discomfort even while using for long hours.


I purchased Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut Glasses for Rs 556 from Amazon. Given its quality, Intellilens Glasses are inexpensive and an affordable option to choose from in range of eyewear. They are slightly lower in price if compared to Lenskart Blue Cut glasses and hence can be viable option for many who do not want to spend too much on computer glasses.


Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut Computer Glasses are available on Amazon and Intellilens website. I purchased it from Amazon and received a quick delivery. Intellilens Blue Cut Computer Glasses are also available in other shapes known as Intellilens Square Blue Cut Computer Glasses, Intellilens Round Blue Cut Computer Glasses and Intellilens Cat Eye Blue Cut Computer Glasses.


I liked the quality and build of Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut Glasses. I did not feel like they were made of cheap plastic and will be broken easily. But these glasses are little loose on me and I wish company comes up with more sizes. Coming to my experience, I do feel that these computer glasses filter blue rays. I find that I can use my mobile or work on laptop more comfortably while wearing Intellilens Blue Cut Glasses.

computer glasses

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Best part is I do not get headache even after using these computer glasses for long hours. I also have Lenskart computer glasses but I find Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut glasses more comfortable for long use. I only wish they make these in more sizes though.


I find Intellilens Navigator Blue Cut Computer Glasses good for daily use. They are affordable and my eyes don’t feel heavy even after using them for long hours. I will surely recommend it to everyone who want to try blue cut computer glasses but do not want to invest in expensive ones. Only con is that Intellilens Glasses comes in only one size to choose from.

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