Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eyeliner Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eyeliner. I haven’t used too many Blue Heaven products in the past. So I was skeptical to buy this kajal eyeliner. But Lakme kajal was not available and shopkeeper said that I should give this Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner a try. He said this kajal is really good and many girls purchase this. It was super affordable so I bought it. Let’s see how this Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eyeliner fared for me.


Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eye Liner provides the desired intense lines with an even smooth application.
Long Lasting.
Extra Black.


  • Starting from the inner corner of the eye, mark a neat stroke on the upper lid extending outwards.
  • Repeat the same for lower lid.


  • For even application, ensure that the tip is sharp.
  • An exclusive sharpener for the same is provided on the bottom lid.
  • Do not apply if your eyes are allergic to any chemical or wax. Also consult a doctor if you are applying any medicine on your eyes.


Rs 125 for 0.31g


Available on Flipkart


Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eyeliner has black plastic body with details written on it. It has black cap which shuts tightly. You have to rotate the kajal to take out the product. It has detachable sharpener attached at the bottom of kajal eyeliner. You can use it to sharpen the kajal so you can draw a precise line. Overall, packaging is good and travel friendly.

Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner Sharpener

Blue Heaven claims that you can use this as kajal and eyeliner. I have tried it in both ways on many occasions. Texture of kajal is soft and smooth. It glides very easily on eyes. Even beginners can work with this product. It has black color and gives you very soft look as per its name. It is buildable and looks good both as kajal and eyeliner.

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eyeliner without flash
Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eyeliner with flash

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Only problem that I faced is that this kajal is not smudge proof. It does not last on your eyes for whole day. It looks great in beginning, but it will start to smudge a little in 3-4 hours. If you have the habit of rubbing your eyes, then this Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner is not meant for you. Its staying power is bit disappointing.

I have used Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eyeliner as kajal on lower lids


It is good eyeliner plus kajal in affordable price. I will not say that it is a poor performance product. It does have good pigmentation and can be used for creating soft kohl look. Its only drawback is it is not smudge proof. I will recommend it to only those who want a kajal eyeliner duo in affordable range and will use it for occasions that will not last for more than 3-4 hours. Overall, a decent product but not long lasting.

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