Ponds Pure Detox Mineral Clay Face Wash Review

Hello all! Today I am going to review Ponds Pure Detox Mineral Clay Face Wash. I am a big fan of products with charcoal because charcoal helps to take out impurities and dirt from skin leaving soft and glowing skin behind. I like to use charcoal face pack too once a week to maintain my healthy skin. Ponds Pure Detox Mineral Clay Face Wash is perfect for men and women who likes to get rid of pollution and dirt from face at the end of day. Ponds Pure White face wash has moroccan clay in it which deeply cleanse without drying your skin. It is perfect for women with normal to oily skin especially in summers. Read on to know more about this Ponds Clay face wash and how was my experience with it.

ponds face wash


Pond’s Pure White Mineral Clay face wash is specially formulated with 100% natural origin Moroccan Clay, which is enriched with minerals known to absorb impurities and deep cleanse skin.

Detox Charcoal Technology combined with natural beads. It gently refines skin texture and provides cleansing for extra glow with every wash.

  • Clay Face Wash
  • 100% Natural Moroccan mineral Clay
  • Cleans dirt and oil from deep within pores
  • Anti Pollution with activated charcoal
  • Deep Clean and Detox skin
  • Oil free bouncy Glowing skin



To use Ponds Clay face wash, wet your face and massage a small amount of the product onto your skin, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. It is recommended to use the product twice a day, in the morning and at night, for best results.


Rs 225 for 90 g


On Amazon and Nykaa


Ponds Pure Detox Mineral Clay Face Wash comes in white and black colored squeeze tube with Ponds initials written on front. It has flip to open cap which shuts tightly and prevent face wash from leaking once you have used the face wash. Ponds face wash has pure black color with thick consistency texture. Ponds Charcoal face wash has cream consistency and only a small amount is needed for whole face. It also has tiny beads in it which gives scrubbing effect on skin. Ponds Mineral Clay face wash fragrance is too good. It feels very sharp and refreshing and I really like to use this Ponds face wash at end of day to lift up my mood and give me fresh clear skin.

ponds face wash

Although it does not has drying effect, yet I felt after using it for few days that Ponds Clay face wash for oily skin is more suited than dry and extremely dry skin. Although women with dry skin can also use it, but I will recommend dry skinned beauties to use this Ponds face wash in summers and go for more hydrating face wash like Innisfree face wash in winters. That being said it is a charcoal face wash for daily use and very affordable too. It really cleanses skin well and give subtle brightening and freshness after use. It will also reduce sun tan with regular use and will get rid of oil , dirt and impurities that is accumulated on face on day to day basis.

Ponds Mineral Clay face wash on hand

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I am a girl who like deep cleansing face wash in night rather than gentle mild face wash especially in summers and humid season. It gives me feeling that my face is cleansed properly. However if you are someone who prefers very gentle and mild face wash, then Ponds Pure White Mineral Clay Face Wash is not for you. You should skip this one and instead go for cleansers like Cetaphil cleanser, Simple Kind to Skin face wash etc.


Yes I will absolutely recommend Ponds Pure Detox Mineral Clay Face Wash to all men and women who are looking for clay face wash that deep cleanses their skin and is quite affordable too. I liked using this Ponds face wash in summers and will certainly repurchase in future too.

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